This isn't just a gym. We're a stomping ground for those that strive for healthy and strong. Whether your goal is strength, fat loss, greater mobility, additional activity, or simply seeking a fitness community, you'll find it in our house.

We are a powerhouse tribe. 



We are strength in numbers. We engage with our tribe to strengthen our community. While we do love iron strength, we believe that the stronger the bond of our tribe, the stronger we are as a team. Iron sharpens iron.


We program workouts that are broad and inclusive, but we also aim to help you lean into discomfort. There's correlation to the bottom of a heavy squat and a hard life situation. We want to see you stand up strong out of the squat, thus carrying over to anything heavy that life throws your way.


We know that you're unstoppable with a combination of community and strength. We love watching our tribe transform in body, mind, and spirit. Strength begets confidence, and confidence elevates potential in all areas of life. Let us help you fly!


strength TRAINING

Group sessions at (em)POWERHOUSE take place in a dynamic environment with our powerhouse tribe. Our program is designed to use strength training, body weight movement, and explosive finishers to help enhance your sweat session. Broad and inclusive for all ability levels, our workouts are programmed with heavy emphasis on ensuring proper technique and mechanics in an effort to build a foundation of strength. 



We aim to be much more than a gym. We host social events that strengthen the friendships within our tribe while also taking time outside of our gym walls to give back to the local community. Whether we’re volunteering at the local food bank or hosting a weekly yoga flow or putting on our monthly Boot Camp to Brunch event, there’s ample opportunity to be a part of something that far outlasts our strength sessions – the #EEEtribe. 


personal TRAINING

We offer personal training to those that are interested in a 1:1 setting for individual coaching. With your specific goals in mind, we strive to help you achieve those goals through building strength in the most effective form of movement possible. We work with all ability levels at our facility. If you’re interested in personal training options, please click here to contact owner and head coach Stephanie.




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