+ What happens after my 6 month commitment contract is up?

After you have fullfilled your 6 month contract with (em)POWERHOUSE, your account will automatially roll over to a month-to-month contract without interruption.

+ How do I cancel my (em)POWERHOUSE membership?

We understand that people move, people transform, and life simply just happens. When you sign up as a contract member, you have a 6 month contract to fulfill. After 6 months your account will roll over to a month-to-month contract, and you may cancel that month-to-month contract at any time. In order to cancel payment, you must notify (em)POWERHOUSE in writing (10) days prior to next billing date to prevent monthly charge for the next month.

+ Do I need to remember my MindBody information?

Yes, keep your MindBody account information. You will use that to log into our app to manage your account, book sessions, etc.

+ I am currently inactive and am unable to perform basic exercises. Can I complete these workouts?

We strongly recommend that you see your doctor before starting any fitness plan. We cannot diagnose any injuries. During our classes we demonstrate modifications for all exercises, and our members are at many different fitness levels. We guarantee that we can make it work for you, no matter your age, size, or ability level.

+ What should I bring with me to the strength training class?

  • Water, sweat towel (optional), and a positive attitude.

+ How long are strength sessions?

40-45 minutes! We are respectful of your time, and we will always conduct class promptly. Saturdays tend to be shorter + high intensity to get your weekend started off the right way.

+ What are your class times?

Please click here to see our class schedule.

+ Do you have childcare?

We do not provide childcare at (em)POWERHOUSE. As a safety concern, children are not to be left unattended while group class is ongoing.