September 2019 Newsletter!

You know that feeling you get when you’re on a roller coaster? The excitement and anticipation that builds as you make your way to the top of a hill. The thrilling adrenaline rush as you start to plummet downwards - only to be repeated in rapid succession. Sometimes even a loopty loop to really shake things up.

Excitement. Fear. Thrills. Repeat.

This is how life has been for our gym family for the last few months - but especially for our leader, Coach Fowler. We are in the home stretch of this adventure that started with the unexpected move from our last location in May. Construction is nearing completion. Our new HOUSE is almost ready. The ride is this close to leveling out. Just a couple of exciting hills to hurdle. And, 🤞 fingers crossed🤞, no more loopty loops.

Tomorrow, Coach Fowler will be embarking on a journey of her own. A much-needed slow-down of her ride before the final leg of this chapter closes. This time, her coaster will be taking her all the way to Italy 🇮🇹 because there’s nothing quite like the healing and restoration that comes from gelato and wine. 

We wish her the best in this exciting trip. May she find rest and relaxation galore! We’ll be holding down the fort and kicking ass in the meantime - ready and waiting for whenever she needs us. Because roller coasters are more fun with friends. 😉

In true construction fashion, we don’t have many firm dates to provide you with just yet. BUT, we are hopeful to be able to nail down SEPTEMBER 28TH as our GRAND REOPENING. This is, obviously, subject to change. But we’ll keep you posted with all the updates as we get them. For now, save the date!

Raise The Bar ⭐ Club stats are being recorded behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to celebrate those achievements together when the time comes. Until then, check out this big group of September birthdays! 🎂🎉💃

  • Kelli McKay-Conrady - September 8

  • Karin Arthaud Tieaskie - September 8

  • Carol Garrett - September 11

  • Ricky Pearce - September 14

  • Beth Pierce - September 14

  • Amy Hansen Hammons - September 21

  • Kat Daggs - September 21

  • Christy Batterson - September 22

  • Kristi Cormack - September 22

  • Anndrea Ray - September 23

  • Jo Maggard - September 23

As always, thank you for your support and flexibility during this CRAZY roller coaster summer!



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